NRG SFI Arm Restraints | Turn Style



Designed to keep your arm within the cockpit, as well as having an easy latch for a quick clip and go.

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NRG SFI Arm Restraints $21.67


Introducing the NRG SFI Arm Restraints, a  safety solution meticulously crafted for the most demanding racing environments. Engineered to meet the stringent standards of SFI Spec 3.3, this harness prioritizes both safety and performance, ensuring that your arms stay securely within the cockpit.

Crafted with precision, the arm restraint harness features a robust 1″ D Ring providing a reliable anchor point to keep your arms in place. The race-ready latch release mechanism sets this product apart, allowing for quick and effortless clipping and unclipping.

NRG Innovations, the driving force behind this exceptional product, is renowned for its commitment to excellence. However, it’s essential to note that NRG products are explicitly designed for off-road use. This underscores their dedication to producing high-performance gear tailored for the unique demands of the racing world. The SFI Spec 3.3 NRG Arm Restraint Harness is your trusty companion, offering unparalleled safety without compromising.

In summary, the NRG SFI Arm Restraints is not just a piece of safety equipment; it’s a testament to the fusion of innovation and functionality. With its SFI Spec 3.3 certification, 1″ D Ring, and race-ready latch release, it stands as a beacon of reliability in the world of motorsports. Keep it on the track, where it excels and ensures that you can push your limits with the utmost confidence in your safety gear.

  • SFI Spec 3.3
  • 1″ D Ring
  • Race ready latch release

NRG Innovations Products are designed for off road use only. Keep it on the track.

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Black, Blue, Red