NRG Weighted Meta Shifter - Long | Turn Style



While NRG did design this shift knob to pair well with an SSK or Short Shifter Kit, we find that it works beautifully on any shifter set up. With the perfect weight at just under a pound, and a 5″” height, it’s right at home in the hand.

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NRG Weighted Meta Shifter - Long $50.00


Introducing the NRG Innovations Weighted Shift Knob, a accessory that not only complements Short Shifter Kits (SSK) but also enhances the performance & aesthetics of any shifter setup. Crafted with precision and engineering excellence, this shift knob stands out for its versatile compatibility & sleek looks.

Standing at a height of 5 inches, the NRG Innovations Weighted Shift Knob offers an ergonomic design that sits comfortably in the hand, providing drivers with a tactile feel during gear changes. Weighing in at just under a pound, the knob strikes the perfect balance between substantial weight and ease of handling, delivering a smooth shifting experience.

Universal threaded inserts make installation a breeze, allowing seamless integration with a variety of shifters. This adaptability ensures that the NRG Innovations Shift Knob is a versatile choice for automotive enthusiasts seeking both style and functionality. Whether you’re upgrading your stock shifter or enhancing the performance of an aftermarket Short Shifter Kit, this shift knob is engineered to meet the demands of diverse shifter configurations.

NRG Innovations takes pride in designing products that elevate driving experiences, and the Shift Knob is no exception. The emphasis on quality materials and thoughtful design is apparent, making it a standout choice for those who demand precision and durability in their automotive accessories.

It’s essential to note that NRG Innovations Products are specifically crafted for off-road use. This commitment to performance aligns with the brand’s dedication to providing enthusiasts with top-tier products that excel in challenging conditions. Take your driving experience to the next level with the NRG Innovations Shift Knob – a fusion of form and function that embodies the spirit of high-performance driving. Keep it on the track and embrace the thrill of precision shifting with this exceptional accessory.

  • 5″ tall
  • 1.2lbs
  • Universal threaded inserts

NRG Innovations Products are designed for off road use only. Keep it on the track.

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Black Chrome, Silver, Neo Chrome, Black Coated, Chrome Gold