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NRG’s thinnest possible quick release, at just around 1″ in total depth. While it be a bit clunky in comparison to our typical “ball-locking” style, we have found that in some cases when space is very cramped, this Quick Release is the only option that will work.



Introducing the NRG Thin Quick Release, a marvel of engineering that combines sleek design with exceptional functionality. Boasting an impressively slim profile, this quick release is their thinnest yet, measuring at just around 1″ in total depth. Crafted from high-quality 6061 Aluminum, this innovative piece of automotive engineering is not only lightweight but also durable, ensuring a reliability when you need it most.

Designed with versatility in mind, the NRG quick release features both 6×70 and 6x74mm bolt patterns, making it universally compatible with a wide range of steering wheels. This adaptability ensures that you can easily integrate it providing a seamless and secure connection.

One of the standout features of this quick release is its unique suitability for situations where space is at a minimum. While it may differ from NRG’s typical “ball-locking” style, this quick release is the optimal solution in tighter spaces.

It’s essential to note that this quick release is not compatible with NRG’s regular hub, underlining its specialized design. NRG Innovations products are crafted with a focus on off-road use, ensuring durability and performance in rugged conditions.

In conclusion, the NRG Innovations quick release sets a new standard for compact design without compromising on functionality. Elevate your driving experience with the thinnest quick release in NRG’s lineup, and confidently tackle any driving scenario with precision and ease. Keep it on the track, stay in control, and experience automotive innovation at its finest.

  • 6061 Aluminum
  • 6×70 and 6x74mm Bolt Patterns
  • Universal
  • NRG’s thinnest Quick Release
  • Does NOT work with NRG’s regular hub

NRG Innovations Products are designed for off road use only. Keep it on the track.

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Black, Blue, Chrome Gold, Carbon Fiber, Neo Chrome, Purple, Red, Rose Gold, Silver