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NRG’s newest Quick Release. After making leaps and bounds with their standard ball locking Quick Release, we’ve decided to shake it up a bit and introduce the ULTRA lightweight Key Way Quick Release. Whether you’re building a lightweight race-car, or building a simulator rig to practice on, this is definitely the Quick Release for you.



Introducing the latest addition to the NRG Quick Release lineup, the super lightweight NRG Key Way Quick Release. Building upon the success of NRG’s standard quick release, they’ve pushed the boundaries further to provide automotive enthusiasts and sim racing aficionados with an unparalleled experience. Whether you’re crafting a lightweight race-car for the track or assembling a cutting-edge simulator rig for practice, the SRK-R200 is the Quick Release solution.

At an astonishingly compact 1.8 inches deep, the SRK-R200 stands as NRG’s shortest quick release yet. This minimalist design not only reduces weight but also ensures a streamlined and unobtrusive presence in your vehicle or simulator setup. The compact dimensions make it a perfect fit for any application, offering versatility that transcends traditional boundaries.

Designed with universal compatibility, the SRK-R200 integrates with any vehicle, providing a hassle-free solution for a wide range of automotive platforms. It’s important to note that this Quick Release does not include a horn function, making it a dedicated performance-oriented component.

In conclusion, the lightweight NRG Key Way Quick Release represents a shift in Quick Release technology. Its compact dimensions, universal compatibility, and commitment to safety make it the ideal choice for those seeking a high-performance Quick Release for both race-cars and simulator rigs. Elevate your driving or sim racing experience with the precision and innovation embodied in the NRG Innovations SFI SRK-R200 Quick Release. Keep it on the track, and let the SRK-R200 redefine your expectations of performance and convenience.

  • NRG’s shortest Quick Release, at just 1.8″ deep
  • Universal, works with any vehicle
  • 6x70mm bolt pattern
  • No Horn Function

NRG Innovations Products are designed for off road use only. Keep it on the track.


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