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This BMW Vanos oil line upgrade was developed to permanently solve the leaky Vanos High Pressure Oil Feed Hose on M5x | S5x engines using superior components. It started out of frustration with their own race cars; they just wouldn’t stop leaking! Once Chase Bays asked their customers if they wanted to see this BMW Vanos oil line upgrade go into production they realized they weren’t the only ones. This is a very common ache for many enthusiasts.


  • BMW M50
  • BMW M52
  • BMW M54
  • BMW S50 (US only)
  • BMW S52 (US only)

The standard BMW hose uses a dated 20+ year old design that creates an inconsistent seal and poor surface area for the crush washers. This not only creates a mess on your engine and underneath your car but it can risk starving the Vanos of the oil pressure needed.

Aside from the function, the hose looks substantially better than the OE hose. The hose is made from -6AN stainless steel, Teflon PTFE lined, and PVC coated hose. The hose ends and banjo bolts are black anodized aluminum. We use genuine Raychem DR-25 over the crimps for the extra attention to detail.  If there is a better component, we use it. Nothing but the best.

This is a 100% complete kit with new Vanos Line, Banjo Bolts, and Crush Washers. It is backed by a lifetime warranty against component failure.

Chase has developed their own high flow 3-oval-hole banjo bolts. They’re machined from aerospace grade 304 stainless steel.This does not work on the S54 and Euro Oil Filter Housing. We do offer an oil line that does here.

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