HKS Hipermax R - JZA80 | Turn Style



The fun to drive at will and the balance adaptable from circuit to winding roads. Raised Driving-Comfort, ❝Ultimate All-Round❞

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The massive adaptability from circuit to winding roads make the HKS Hipermax R coil overs a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking a versatile suspension system. With its raised driving comfort and touted as the “Ultimate All-Round” solution, the Hipermax R offers a compelling blend of performance and comfort. Its ability to seamlessly transition between different driving conditions, from the controlled environment of a race track to the twists and turns of winding roads, underscores its dynamic capabilities.

In addition to the latest technologies integrated into the Hipermax S, introducing three innovative features. These new technologies represent a leap forward in suspension design, promising enhanced performance, durability, and precision handling. With these advancements, drivers can expect an even more refined driving experience, setting new standards for suspension systems in the automotive industry.

HKS Hipermax R Coil overs Technical Features

SRF” (Super Response Fluid) Exclusive newly developed Oil.

•Improved damper oil quality and viscosity.

•Improves characteristics of Damping force, achieving great handling performance.

•Suppresses temperature change caused by heat

LVS” (Low Vibration Spring) Exclusive high-strength Spring.

•Manufactured with 210k grade high-strength wire rods.

•Adopted to shorten wire length and reduce weight.

•Improves Steering response.

Upper Spring Retainer” Exclusive for HIPERMAX R

•Allow the damping axis and spring load lines to align coaxially

•Reducing of friction.

•Smoother damping.

Additional information

Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 23 × 16 in