HKS Speed Limit Defencer - Type 2 | Turn Style



Eliminates Speed Limiter to drive over 180km/h


Most of JDM vehicles are equipped with speed limiter function. With this function, the vehicle’s speed cannot exceed 180km/h. On the other hand, the performance of JDM vehicles is improved; even non-sports models are capable of driving over 180km/h. The HKS speed limit defencer can eliminate the factory speed limiter to drive over 180km/h and bring out full performance of the vehicle.


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In the realm of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) vehicles, a prevalent feature across many models is the inclusion of a speed limiting mechanism. This function serves as a safeguard, capping the vehicle’s speed at a maximum of 180km/h. However, it’s widely recognized that the inherent performance capabilities of JDM vehicles often far surpass this restricted threshold. One such solution is the HKS speed limit defencer type 2, a sophisticated device engineered to bypass the factory-installed speed limiter. By interfacing with the vehicle’s electronic control systems, the HKS speed limit defencer effectively eliminates the imposed speed ceiling, granting drivers the freedom to propel their vehicles beyond the 180km/h mark on the track.


  • Toyota Altezza ’98-’05, JZX100 ’92-’00, JZX90 ’92-’04

The significance of this modification extends beyond mere numerical thresholds. By liberating the vehicle from its speed constraints, drivers gain access to the full breadth of its performance envelope. Whether navigating open highways or engaging in spirited driving experiences, the removal of the speed limiter enhances both the practical capabilities and the driving dynamics of JDM vehicles.

This modification underscores the enduring enthusiast-driven ethos inherent within the JDM community. It represents a symbiotic fusion of technological innovation and automotive passion, enabling drivers to extract maximum enjoyment and utility from their vehicles while pushing the boundaries of performance and possibility on the track. In essence, the HKS speed limit defencer serves as a gateway to a heightened realm of driving exhilaration and exploration for JDM enthusiasts worldwide.

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