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Wanting to run a F-Con V Pro on your R35? You’re in the right spot, HKS NP5-21 F-Con V Harness is one of the parts you’ll need! Read more below!

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HKS NP5-21 F-Con V Harness - R35 $650.00


Wanting to run a F-Con V Pro on your R35? You’re in the right spot, HKS NP5-21 F-Con V Harness is one of the parts you’ll need! the This product is compatible with only F-CON V Pro Ver.3.4 or F-CON V Pro Ver.4.0. Installing this product may lead to the CEL of Air/Fuel ratio error to come on. After the CEL comes on, there won’t be any problem to drive; however, the engine rpm at idling may rise to about 1050rpm. Do not remove the airflow sensor when installing this product. If the airflow sensor voltage is converted to a dummy signal, the shift shock may be increased. When the valve timing is controlled by F-CON V Pro Ver.4, the CEL relating to the valve timing and/or air/fuel ratio may come on. Installing the F-CON V Pro CF adapter can eliminate these symptoms. Also, the engine speed at idling can be reduced to a normal speed.


  • 2008 – VR38DETT GT-R


  • F-Con V Pro Harness, Type NP5-21
  • Does not include the F-Con V Pro

Functions and Features of the F-CON V Pro 4.0 include:

  • Analog Voltage Input
    Throttle opening, water temp., air temp., and etc., 0 to 5V sensor can be input up to 20 channels.
  • A/F, Knocking Input
    Connecting the A/F sensor (* option parts required) or knock sensor enables to measure the linear A/F or knock level.
  • Built-in Air Pressure Sensor
    Air pressure sensor is built-in to provide stable control under various environment conditions.
  • Fuel & Ignition Control
    Independent output control up to 8 channels, and sequential control is available up to 8 cylinders.
  • DC Motor Output
    Controlling the electronic control throttle of DC motor type, which is widely used for the stock automobiles, is available up to 2 channels.
  • Other Output Control
    Controlling the valve timing of HKS V-CAM system or stock system and boost pressure (※Option parts are required.) is available.
    Also, controlling the output up to 22 channels, relay, and warning notice is possible under an optional condition.
  • Built-in Log Data Memory
    8MB of memory to save the log data is available.
  • Mapping in real time (which is generally not possible using re-flash systems) allows for accurate and efficient mapping for all situations from simple “boost up” to full tuning applications. Data logging is also made possible for further feedback

The HKS F-CON V Pro and tuning is only available exclusively through select Authorized Pro Dealers.


  • ONLY available for power writer shops!
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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in