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High frequency sport sound right after acceleration. Not too loud while cruising. Quiet at idling. Exhaust system that links with drivers’ mind.



The HKS Super Sound exhaust system is perfect for your 370z. Featuring high frequency sport sound right after acceleration, while also not being too loud while cruising. Quiet at idling; a true exhaust system that links with the driver in mind.

What HKS has found about “sound”

There should be a performance sound quality whether idling in the morning or at night, daily driving, or during spirited driving. HKS utilizes the latest sound control technology to develop exhaust systems that are tuned to the driver’s desire. An unprecedented exhilarating sporty sound from the SSM begins the moment the accelerator is pressed. This exhaust system can arrange the exhaust sound!!

Layout designed for “Appearance” & “Sound Quality”

To control the exhaust sound, all pipes layout after the engine must be taken into consideration. This exhaust system controls the sound by the inner structure of the silencer and lengths of the exhaust pipes.

Tune up the exhaust sound as you like!

HKS Exhaust Manifold (P/N 33002-AN001) + Stock Catalizer + SSM

Enjoy the smoother high tone sound. The exhaust pulsation is dramatically reduced, and the sound level is increased to 90dB.

Stock Exhaust Manifold + HKS Metal Catalyzer (P/N 33005-AN003) + SSM

Well-modulated sound quality can be created. The exhaust efficiency is improved, and the exhaust sound level is increased to 94dB. The exhaust sound is changed to wild.

HKS Exhaust Manifold (P/N 33002-AN001) + HKS Metal Catalyzer (P/N 33005-AN003) + SSM

*Closed Exhaust Noise Level is 98dB, which is not allowed to drive on public roads. Super powerful racing sound is created for a circuit use. Extreme exhaust efficiency changes the exhaust sound to racy like a GT machine.

Only for 6MT. Stock heat insulator modification required.

About the HKS Muffler

About silencer shell type of Silent Hi-Power
TYPE-S/Oval silencer for noise reduction.
TYPE-H/Round silencer for performance.

Main material in the component figure.

SUS304/High quality stainless steel.
SUH409/Stainless steel commonly used for stock exhaust.

About center pipe
Diameter of center pipe is the portion that has the largest diameter. (Excluding silencer and tip.) It is the condition with stock suspension.

Minimum road clearance between HKS muffler (Any parts included in the kit) and road surface. Therefore, it may be different from actual road clearance of the vehicle.
The data is basically the condition with stock suspension. However, please understand that some items have data with low down spring or ride height adjustable suspension kit.

Caution: Hook, bracket, stay may be changed without prior notice.

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 101 × 64.5 × 28.5 in