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The flagship model with HKS exhaust technology. Featuring full independent layout of both right and left banks of V type engines. Full dual layout without 2-1 junction portion just like the stock exhaust system. The HKS full dual exhaust for a 350z doesn’t drop performance due to exhaust interference, enabling stress free revolutions high up in the rpm range.

Full Dual layout

Full independent layout of both right and left banks of V type engines. The full dual layout prevents performance drop due to the exhaust interference. It enhances performance at high rpm.

Balance pipe

Balance pipe controls exhaust gas pulsation for exhaust sound stability and increasing torque at low rpm.

The weight is reduced approximately by 13%

The weight of the HKS full dual exhaust for a 350z is approximately 26kg which is 13% reduction compared with 30kg stock exhaust system.

SUS304 and titanium

The pipe and silencer are crafted from SUS304 stainless steel, complemented by a titanium tip. This blend of materials enhances both longevity and aesthetic appeal. SUS304 ensures durability, while the titanium tip adds a sleek finish. Together, they elevate the overall appearance of the exhaust system, presenting a polished and sophisticated look. This combination not only ensures lasting performance but also enhances the visual appeal, making it a standout feature. With SUS304’s renowned strength and the elegant touch of titanium, the pipe and silencer boast not only superior durability but also a significantly enhanced style.

“JASMA” approved

  • Proven “Advantex * glass wool” (Continuous fibeer glass wool)
  • Advantex is a registered trademark of Owens Corning.
  • 33009-BN005 is only rear piece section.

Additional information

Weight 51.9 lbs
Dimensions 55.4 × 31.6 × 15.2 in