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CSF is the #1 leader in Mazda Miata cooling.The go-to option and private label partner for the biggest names in Miata performance – including Good-win Racing, 949 Racing (Super Miata), Moss Motorsports, Jackson Racing, and Flyin’ Miata.

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If you’re in search of top-notch CSF Radiators for your Mazda Miata, your search ends here. Specifically designed to fit the 1989-1997 Mazda Miata models, CSF Radiators stand as the unrivaled leader in Mazda Miata cooling solutions.

  • Fitment: OEM w/ 2-Row 42mm High Performance Core

Renowned as the number one choice for Mazda Miata cooling needs, CSF Radiators have earned their reputation as the go-to option and trusted private label partner for prominent names in Miata performance enhancement. This esteemed list of partners includes industry giants like Good-win Racing, 949 Racing (Super Miata), Moss Motorsports, Jackson Racing, and Flyin’ Miata.

What sets CSF Radiators apart is their unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation. Crafted with precision, the radiators feature CNC machined mounting brackets for a secure and seamless fit. The radiators boast a 100% aluminum TIG-welded construction, ensuring both durability and efficient heat dissipation. To further elevate their performance, CSF Radiators come equipped with a high-performance aluminum 1.4bar Radiator Pressure Cap, complete with an embossed CSF Logo.

The aesthetic appeal of these radiators is not overlooked either. Each radiator undergoes a meticulous one-hour hand-polishing process, resulting in a mirror-like finish that adds a touch of sophistication to your Miata.

The engineering brilliance of CSF is highlighted by their true “drop-in” fit, eliminating the need for any modifications during installation. The 2-row 42mm ultra high-performance core, along with the 6.5mm tall multi-louvered fins featuring CSF’s exclusive B-Tube Technology, guarantees exceptional cooling performance.

Quality is non-negotiable for CSF Radiators. Every radiator undergoes individual leak testing to ensure its integrity. Moreover, CSF’s commitment to excellence is evident through the rigorous testing each high-performance radiator undergoes during development. These tests encompass burst pressure assessments, thermal cycle simulations, vibration testing, and salt spray evaluations.

When it comes to cooling solutions for your Miata, CSF stand head and shoulders above the rest. Experience the epitome of cooling efficiency, durability, and innovation with CSF Radiators – the ultimate choice for Mazda Miata aficionados.

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