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The HKS GT-R DCT Fluid Cooler was made for GR6/DCT, 2017 models to ensure stable transmission feeling at the circuit and the street and to protect clutch and transmission.

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The HKS GT-R DCT Fluid Cooler addresses a common issue for Nissan GT-R (R35) owners with the GR6/DCT transmission, especially those manufactured between 2017-2019. During hard driving, both on the racetrack and on hot streets, the transmission can overheat. This can lead to jerky gear changes, reduced power, and even permanent damage to the clutch and transmission. The HKS cooler tackles this problem by adding an additional heat exchanger specifically for the DCT fluid. This cooler is strategically placed to maximize airflow and utilizes larger diameter hoses to improve circulation. By keeping the transmission fluid cooler, the HKS kit helps to ensure smoother gear changes, protect against transmission wear, and extend the lifespan of your clutch.


  • 2017+ VR38DETT

Kit Includes:

  • HKS DCT Fluid Cooler


  • Light and durable dry carbon oil cooler duct suits 2017 model bumper.
  • Oil cooler duct also has special dry carbon partition. This dry carbon partition improves cooling performance making air to pass equally through the entire surface of cooler core.
  • Relocating washer tank is required. The kit includes the specially designed washer tank.
  • Stock washer fluid level sensor cannot be attached.
  • What’s not to love about the HKS GT-R DCT Fluid Cooler?
Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Core Size・Row Core Location Code No. Remarks
GT-R R35 VR38DETT 16/07-19/09 200x220×48.5/15-layer inside left fender 27002-AN005 Bumper modification is required. GT-R NISMO is not confirmed.

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