HKS Stroker Kit - JZA80 | Turn Style



For drivers who just need “more power and more torque”, HKS has designed a series of capacity upgrade kits to suit each engines characteristics. Increased displacement offers more torque at lower engine speeds and by using the highest quality materials, the durability required for high levels of tuning is achieved. Nickel coated pistons which have strong anti-knocking properties combined with fully counterweighted crankshafts and high strength connecting rods (rods optional in some kits) combine to extract maximum performance from the turbocharger and increase torque.


NON CARB LEGAL: Will not ship to CARB states.


HKS has ingeniously crafted a line of capacity upgrade kits tailored to cater to the specific characteristics of various engines, targeting drivers craving enhanced power and torque. The augmentation of displacement not only amplifies torque at lower engine revolutions but also ensures resilience essential for extensive tuning endeavors. Employing top-tier materials, HKS fortifies its components in the HKS Capacity Upgrade kit to withstand the rigors of high-level tuning, thus delivering unmatched durability.

In pursuit of optimal performance, HKS integrates nickel-coated pistons renowned for their robust anti-knocking attributes. These pistons operate together with fully counterweighted crankshafts, meticulously engineered to synchronize with the engine’s dynamics, thereby optimizing torque output. Furthermore, the incorporation of high-strength connecting rods, although optional in certain kits, is instrumental in amplifying overall performance.

By harmonizing these elements, HKS harnesses the full potential of the turbocharger, unleashing a surge of torque that propels driving experiences. The meticulous engineering and precision craftsmanship epitomize HKS’s commitment to delivering unparalleled performance, empowering drivers with the means to elevate their driving adventures. Through relentless innovation and unwavering dedication to excellence, HKS continues to redefine the boundaries of automotive performance, inspiring enthusiasts worldwide to embark on a journey of limitless possibilities. The HKS Capacity Upgrade kit is a great upgrade option for more of a ‘full rebuild’ project.

  • Capacity: 3352.8,
  • Type: D87-D22
  • Boring/Honing modification: Required
  • Full flow modification: Not required
  • Nickel Plated Forged Piston kit + Billet Crankshaft + H Beam Connecting Rods.
  • Recommended RPM limit: 7500rpm

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 10 in