HKS Fuel Delivery Kit - R32/R33/R34 | Turn Style



HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade kits are high-performance fuel delivery units that are designed to properly supply the additional fuel needed for high boost/performance applications. HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade kits are direct bolt-on replacements of factory fuel rails, and allow for larger top-feed injectors to be added. HKS Fuel Rails are machined out of aluminum and anodized HKS’ signature purple for durability and visual appeal.

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The HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade kit represent the pinnacle of high-performance fuel delivery systems tailored to meet the demands of high boost and performance applications. Engineered meticulously, these kits are crafted to furnish the requisite extra fuel essential for elevated performance levels.

  • Fitment: 
  • 1989-2002 Nissan GT-R

As direct bolt-on replacements for factory fuel rails, this HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade kit seamlessly integrate into existing setups, simplifying the installation process. Their design facilitates the accommodation of larger top-feed injectors, ensuring optimal fuel flow under demanding conditions.

Crafted from premium aluminum, HKS Fuel Rails undergo a precise machining processes to meet exact standards. Their construction guarantees durability and reliability even in the most demanding environments. Moreover, the signature purple anodized finish not only enhances visual aesthetics but also serves as a testament to HKS’ commitment to quality and performance.

In essence, HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade kits epitomize excellence in fuel delivery systems, offering not only enhanced functionality but also a touch of style to high-performance vehicles. Whether on the track or the street, these kits stand as a testament to HKS’ unwavering dedication to engineering excellence and performance innovation.

This HKS Fuel Delivery Kit does not include injectors, fuel line parts, and a regulator. To use this kit, the injector must be a stock or select one from the HKS Top Feed Type Injectors of 550cc, 680cc, or 1000cc. The fuel line parts must be Aeroquip’s and the regulator must be HKS Adjustable Regulator.

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Dimensions 26 × 3 × 3 in