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The HKS R-Type Intercooler for a Supra is designed for circuit use, being 25% lighter than the conventional intercooler.

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The HKS R-Type Intercooler for a Supra is meticulously engineered with circuit racing in mind, representing the pinnacle of performance cooling for enthusiasts seeking unparalleled turbocharger efficiency. At its core, the HKS R-Type Intercooler is designed to elevate turbo performance across all engine RPM ranges, delivering relentless power delivery on both straightaways and during aggressive corner exits. This intercooler isn’t just about raw power; it’s about optimizing airflow dynamics to extract every ounce of potential from the Supra’s formidable 2JZ engine.

What sets the HKS R-Type Intercooler apart is its unwavering dedication to shedding excess weight without compromising structural integrity. Through meticulous engineering and advanced materials, this intercooler achieves a remarkable 25% reduction in weight compared to conventional counterparts—a testament to HKS’s relentless pursuit of performance optimization. This weight reduction isn’t just a number; it’s a tangible enhancement that translates to improved handling, sharper responsiveness, and overall agility on the track.

The real magic of the HKS R-Type Intercooler for a Supra lies in its ability to transform the Supra’s turbocharged setup into a finely tuned instrument of speed and precision. By efficiently cooling intake air, minimizing pressure drop, and optimizing thermal efficiency, this intercooler empowers drivers to push the boundaries of performance with confidence, lap after exhilarating lap.

HKS R-Type Intercooler

  • R Type AL is aluminum polished piping type
  • (1) Inner Fin (triangular straight type)
  • Triangular straight type for less pressure loss of air flow
  • (2) Outer Fin (triangular louver type)
  • Core Size/Location: 600X300.5X103/ Front mount, Type: R type AL, For MT.
  • Not fit to active spoiler.
  • Need to cut out throttle side pipe to about 30mm for VVT-i cars.

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Weight 43.1 lbs
Dimensions 47.5 × 18.7 × 13 in