Sparco Evolve GT-R Circuit II Bundle | Turn Style



This Sparco Circuit Bundle is one of the best bangs for your buck you can get. The Evolve has a chassis with many adjustments available to the Sim Racer: adjustable sliding guides, inclination and sliding of the steering wheel and pedal plates, seat inclination and raising and lowering to the optimal position.

Addon Details
Sparco Evolve GT-R Circuit II Bundle $1,957.00


This Sparco Circuit Bundle stands as the choice for car racing simulator enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled rig designed to redefine the virtual driving experience. Made specifically for a more rally based simulated racing style.

At its core, Sparco boasts a meticulously crafted chassis equipped with a plethora of customizable features made specifically to help the driver get into the most accurate seating position. From adjustable sliding guides to the dynamic inclination and sliding capabilities of the steering wheel and pedal plates, every aspect of the setup is engineered to cater to individual preferences and driving styles. Moreover, users can fine-tune their experience further through seat inclination and height adjustments, ensuring an optimal ergonomic position for extended driving sessions.

In essence, investing in the Sparco Circuit Bundle not only promises to elevate your virtual racing efforts but also saves you money by purchasing the bundle. By seizing this opportunity, enthusiasts can unlock the full potential of their gaming setup while enjoying significant savings. None of the parts involved in this kit, including this kit as a whole, are designed to be used and/or installed in any road legal, or track specific, vehicles. The parts included in this bundle are only allowed to be used in a simulated environment.



  • Evolve GT-R frame
  • GT-R PRO Bracket Kit
  • Circuit II Gaming Seat

Compatible wheels:

-Thrustmaster: T300, T500RS, TX, TSPC

-Racer Logitech: G25, G27, G29, Driving Force PRO, Driving Force GT

-Fanatec: Clubsport Wheelbase V2, CSL Elite Wheel Base

Compatible pedal sets:

-Thrustmaster: T3PA, T3PA PRO Logitech: G25, G27, G29, Driving Force PRO, Driving Force GT

-Fanatec: Clubsport V3 + inverted, CSL Elite Pedals + LC