HKS Cover Transistor RB26 | Turn Style



When installing aftermarket coil packs, there may be some cases where the stock power transistor needs to be removed. Doing so, there’s extra space. Remove that extra space with the HKS Cover Transistor!

  • Fitment:
  • 1989-2002 RB26DETT


When integrating aftermarket coil packs, situations arise where the original power transistor must be uninstalled, leaving extra room. Addressing this, the HKS Cover Transistor seamlessly fills the void, optimizing engine compartment space and ensuring a snug fit for enhanced performance. By using this cover, the engine bay becomes a more streamlined, clean atheistic. The HKS Cover Transistor emerges as a vital component in aftermarket coil pack installations, offering a solution that harmonizes form and function, and ultimately contributes to the smooth operation of the vehicle’s powertrain.

  • Fitment:
  • 1989-2002 RB26DETT

The top of the HKS Transistor Cover has been designed to harmonize with the plug cover. The billet aluminum-made cover with the alumite treatment brings the metal shine gloriously. The alumite has several different color options, ensuring a beautiful fit for any engine bay.  The back of the cover is finished with a thiner wall, ensuring that weight savings was in mind when HKS created it. Sitting at only 98g, it’s super lightweight. Water was thought of when creating the transistor cover, and a drain shape was integrated on the edge, ensuring no water will get in from the top. The bolts for the cover are plated in black nickel, making them rust proof. For anyone with a more customized color, we recommend seeing a paint specialist to get your colors matched perfectly.

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Gunmetal Gray, Red, Black, Gold, Silver, Purple, Blue