Sparco Grip Sky Chair | Turn Style



The Sparco Grip is a replica of the Sparco R100 race seat designed for the gamer.  The Grip features a lower, wider seat for maximum comfort. The reclining back has adjustable lumbar support. The back reclines features a safety mechanism that stops the back from reclining more than 150 degrees to help prevent a tip over. The Grip comes complete with a black polymer spoke base, an SGS/ BIFMAX5.1 / EN1335 certified piston, rocking mechanism and 5 sturdy wheels.  The Grip has adjustable arms with 2D multi-directional movement for the perfect set up. The Grip is available in 3 colors.  Maximum Weight Capacity 242lbs (110kg)

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Sparco Grip Sky Chair $329.00


This Sparco gaming chair stands as a premium gaming seat, meticulously crafted to emulate the ergonomic design of the Sparco R100 race seat. Engineered to cater to the needs of gamers, the Grip boasts a wider seat base and lowered profile, ensuring unparalleled comfort during extended gaming sessions.

One of its standout features is the adjustable lumbar support integrated into the reclining backrest, facilitating customizable comfort tailored to your preferences. Notably, the reclining mechanism incorporates a safety feature, capping the recline angle at 150 degrees to prevent potential tipping hazards.

Constructed with durability and stability in mind, this Sparco gaming chair is anchored by a robust black polymer spoke base, complemented by a certified SGS/BIFMAX5.1/EN1335 piston for reliable height adjustment. Its rocking mechanism, coupled with five sturdy wheels, enhances mobility and adaptability across various gaming environments.

Incorporating user-centric design elements, the Sparco gaming chair is equipped with adjustable arms featuring 2D multi-directional movement, allowing gamers to fine-tune their seating arrangement for optimal comfort and performance. Available in three distinct colors, it effortlessly merges style with functionality, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.

With a commendable maximum weight capacity of 242lbs (110kg), the Sparco Grip ensures robust support and stability, accommodating a wide range of users with confidence. Please keep this chair out of any & all drift vehicles. This product is meant strictly for gaming use.

  • High quality synthetic leather
  • Black polymer spoke base
  • Height adjustment
  • 2D adjustable armrests
  • Anti-tip device
  • Recliner lever
  • Lumbar adjuster
  • Swivel base with SGS/BIFMAX5.1/EN1335 certified piston
  • Availble in 3 colors
WARNING: This is not an automotive seat, DO NOT USE IN A VEHICLE

Additional information

Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 28 × 14 in